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Where I’ve Been…

on July 15, 2013

Today I am at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and it’s a race night. I was planning to take some video of this myself as I am assured by the locals here that it’s an absolutely insane experience. But as my phone is on the blink, I dug out this video instead to give you a taste of what happens here.

As the video description says, Hong Kong is a city that goes completely crazy for gambling and betting. And yes, I should know. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, are the big horse racing days here.

In Hong Kong, the Jockey club has the only betting shops that are legal and as such they are teeming with life and punters on race days. Most people say they have a hot tip that can’t lose. Now of course I love hot tips, but maybe not the sort they have in mind.

So I will keep my money in my pocket and I will not be betting on the horse racing today, but instead will sit back and soak up the atmosphere. Should be fun.

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