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The Atari Paddle Controller With 13 TV Games Is The Thing That I Will Be Checking Out Here

on December 2, 2012

In 1977 the Atari 2600 gaming console hit the market and I am certain a large number of of you remember this fondly. The first video game to hit the market was pong, but shortly after that the Atari 2600 was introduced. In those days the Atari 2600 was the top of the line gaming console and everybody wanted one, and just about everybody got one. Now folks can re-live their past with the Atari Paddle Controller with 13 TV games, which is a thing that I actually bought.

There were some games that you could get for your Atari which you could only play if you had the particular paddles for that console. Most individuals remember the joysticks that came with the Atari, but the paddles were something which you had to purchase separately when the device first came out. Before too long Atari started offering their home gaming console along with the paddles. And these paddle games were something which most folks liked playing even more than the original pack man game.

Atari chose to generate a plug and play paddle system, and the reason I believe they did this is because the paddle games were so popular. You will be hard pressed to find a TV these days that do not have RCA inputs, and just so you understand that is what you will need to work with this system. If you don’t have a TV that has this sort of input because the TV is very old then you’ll not have the ability to use this system. Obviously there are not many men and women that have a TV that’s over 10 years old so this will not be an issue for many men and women.

Night driver, Breakout, Canyon Bomber and Demon to Demand are just some of the games that you’ll discover in this game system. One of the games that’s not bundled in this system is Kaboom, and this was actually one of the most popular paddle games which was ever released. In my opinion it was an enormous mistake that Atari made by not including this exceptionally popular game, but the other games that come with this system are great games. Most folks who remember this old system additionally remember that it would have cost you $200 to get the Atari 2600 when it was first released but this device does not cost that much.

For individuals wondering how much this device costs, you can actually order this device from Amazon for just $4.92. This is really more than 50% off of what you would need to pay if you were to pay the retail price for this device. You’ll have the ability to play most of your favorite paddle games with this one small little unit. You may possibly also discover that this is a great little gift for anybody who grew up back in the eighties.

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