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Side Effects of Sports Gambling

on October 31, 2013
Sports betting, MGM Grand

Sports betting, MGM Grand (Photo credit: runneralan2004)

Gambling on a whole can present many negative effects and “sports betting” has the ability to cause much more harm than other forms of gambling. The major concern with sports betting is that it questions the integrity of the game being played. Around the globe, countries, leagues and governing bodies are struggling to cope with the takeover of the sport by persons who tempt players to fix matches so as to favor the outcome of bets made on that matchup.

Is It Fixed?

There is no doubt that match fixing occurs in just about every sport but on what degree and how far mainstream is decided based on the sport or country. In football for example, La Liga and especially the Italian League, Serie A has been bombarded with the negative spinoffs that come with sports betting and the persons who are greedy enough to destroy the various sports for money.

“Sports betting” has reached a level that it has the ability to cause serious problems for a college student athlete. These athletes are heavily approached by bookies in attempt to have them alter games and affect points spread.

The ramifications are grave and a player can be publicly humiliated and expelled from college just because he was wowed by the cash being offered. Not to mention if the athlete had the opportunity of going pro, those chances would be no longer. The truth of the matter is, it is happening as you read this article and one may question are we naive to think we can exist in a sports betting industry that does it by the books.

Start ‘Em Young

It is believed that “sports betting” is having a huge impact on the youth population, specifically teenagers who are 18 and under. This demography can quickly relate to sports and as a result will be even quickly drawn to wagering on sports. There is no doubt that wagering on sports or gambling at a young age has detrimental effects.

I can attest to starting sports betting as a teen and that is probably why I have the knowledge I have today but there were instances as a teen that I had lost all my money and had no idea what to do. It took a toll on me and began to have an impact on my grades.


It wasn’t that I wasn’t good at sports betting but I was too young to understand at that time how important money management is to long term success where as I was more focused on short term success at the time. Sports betting companies love that they can attract such demography and it ensures they will stay in business for a very long time. There was a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics that hinted that over a million teenagers were said to be addicted to gambling in the United States.

It must be noted that addiction to sports gambling can lead to other addictions as well. There is a very thin line and if you know you are showing signs of addictive behavior please try and get help. Sports betting can earn you money but only if done right and only if done along with money management skills.

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