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How Do I Make Money Using Bet365 Cash Out?

on October 4, 2014

The Bet365 Cash Out add-on has been available now for a couple of years and is used by hundreds of thousands of punters allow over the world every week.

Whilst Bet365 were not the innovators of the original tool (that was Betfair Sportsbook) they have embraced it due to their extensive in-play markets and heavy marketing and advertising across major sports events.

To describe how Bet365 cash out works in basic terms, it’s a way to allow punters to control their bets, allowing you to stop your bet and take a return before the event has finished. The amount offered will be based on how the bet is going at the time and could be higher or lower than the original stake placed.

There are many theories on how the system can be maximised to ensure that you make as much money as possible from the Bet365 cash out tool.

These are generally based on a number of trading methods that people have been using on the exchange markets for years but now you don’t have to worry about a ‘rival’ punter offering up odds for you to claim as these returns will be offered direct from the bookmaker.

One method is to bet small amounts on events that have very high odds, such as a team at the bottom of a league winning at a team at the top and cash out in the event of the less fancied team taking the lead. This happens a lot more than people think, with the smaller teams playing defensively and hoping to nick a goal from a set-play.

More often than not this then spurs the home team into life to attack more imaginatively and look to win the game. The idea is to remove your winnings as soon as the smaller team has taken the lead, although for some the temptation may be to see if you can hold your nerve for as long as possible to see if the profits go up even further!

Other techniques take a little research, such as looking into low-scoring teams that are playing each other in football and placing bets on draws, no goals being scored or under 2.5 goals in the game and seeing how long you can hold your nerve for before cashing out.

And then of course there is the accumulator Bet365 cash out method, which would seem the only way to put multiple bets on these days. Using the cash out method allows you to be able to remove any winnings before the results come in. Let’s face it, there is normally always one game that lets you down, so if your bets are all winnings and you can’t face that last-minute inevitable equaliser messing up your bet again it might just be time to cash out!

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