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Here We Are Going To Be Talking About Different Games For Memory Enhancing

on March 21, 2013

There’s a lot of individuals out there today who have a bad memory but a thing that they never give much thought too is the fact that they can improve their memory by playing games. A number of you may be excited at the thought of playing your gaming console 24 hours each day as a way of improving your memory, but you need to realize we’re speaking about different kinds of games. In this post we are going to be talking about a few of the different games you can wind up playing which will help your memory, and also where you can find these games online.

Pattern II is the first thing we want to speak about as a way for you to start enhancing your memory. For those of you who remember Tic-Tac-Toe, you are going to find that this game will begin using the same type of board but they end up placing colored blocks in the squares, which generate a pattern in the board. They’re only going to show you the actual pattern for about one second, at which point they clear the board and you need to recreate the pattern using the colored blocks. When you first are playing this game you may find that it is not that challenging, but you ought to be aware that this gets incredibly difficult as you progress, mainly because they add more blocks and more colors as you go along.

Path Memory is another game which can end up having many beneficial effects for your memory. The basics of this game is that you are going to have to recreate a path that they generate which lead from one house on the screen to another house, and it just starts with three houses. When you first get started with this game you are going to believe that it is incredibly simple, but the first two levels will just have three and then four houses in them. Something I should point out about this game is that each level that’s cleared will lead to another house to be added to the path, which causes this game to get tough very fast.

Another game that is like the old Simon game that you may possibly have played is known as Five UFOs. This game offers you five UFOs on your screen that are of different colors, these UFOs will illuminate in a pattern and you simply need to recreate the pattern. A lot of you almost certainly understand that Simon would simply add one new color whenever a level was completed, but you ought to realize that this game offers an entirely new pattern at the end of each level. This is something that actually makes this game much more difficult than the previous two that we have talked about above.

These games can be extremely effective at helping men and women that are older maintain a sharp memory, however they can also be advantageous for younger people who need to develop their memory. For those of you wondering where you are able to actually play these gains you are going to see that they are available for free at I should also point out they have a large variety of memory games available, and you may find that a number of the other games maybe more exciting for you than the ones we discussed in this article.

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