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Best Billiards Techniques Revealed – 3 Every Player Needs To Know

on September 9, 2012

Playing billiards is one of the games that many people continue to play for decades into the future. It’s not as challenging as golf, for example, but it does have its unique challenges. Like most sports, becoming consistent along with improving shot skills is not an overnight achievement. When you play this game, you need to be consistent. Otherwise, you won’t be proficient. It’s all about learning more and practicing as much as you can. This is how you will improve your billiards game.

It takes a fair bit of experience to aim, or line up your shots, perfectly. Either way, how you approach this part of the game will make a world of difference in your results. You want to opt for a simple approach with the clearest ball paths when you are starting out. You need to be able to see a line between the cue and the target ball as well as the pocket you are aiming for. Ideally, there will be no other balls involved even though there are shots where you can make use of one or more balls. If you need to bounce off a rail either with the cue ball or the target ball, then take it if that’s the best shot available. The key is to master the art of visualizing each shot properly. The natural inclination to break the rack is to hit the cue ball as hard as possible, which some may think requires a heavy cue. That’s not necessarily the most effective way to generate maximum speed and power for the cue ball, though. What you want to do is cause the cue to travel as fast as possible, and that’s the reason for using a lighter cue. You can gain more acceleration and velocity, or speed, with the lighter cue of no more than 19 ounces. The concept is quite simple, the cue’s energy is being transferred to the ball you are hitting. The quantity of energy or power imparted to the cue ball increases with the speed of the cue when it hits it. The faster it is going, the more you need to maintain control over the cue, but give it a go yourself.

Yes, there is that unique stroke that can break the rack and get yourself noticed by everyone in the room. Generally only the new pool players will marvel at crushing the cue ball. Work on technique and remember it’s about control, accuracy, and then cue speed. When you’re learning, you need to have control before you can gain accuracy. What sense does it make hit the ball real hard if you cannot control where it is going to go? You can learn to hit a powerful ball at a later time, so take your time. Yes, everything about the force behind the ball might appeal to you now, but first learn everything there is to know by finding out how to control it first. Believe it or not, there are subtle aspects of playing billiards that most people overlook when they start playing. The better you get, both physically and mentally, the more you will notice the subtleties. To give you more of an edge, you need to work on building your confidence, which will work in your favor when you play.

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