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Everyone Loves Bonuses

Vegas in the desert

Vegas in the desert (Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann)

Guess what? I like to get something for nothing. Show me someone who doesn’t and I’ll show you someone who is either not telling the truth or has too much money for their own good. So yes I pick up buy one get one free deals, collect coupons, get money off at the gas station – all the normal stuff. If there’s a promotion available on something I want, then I will use it.

On my European trip I noticed the same thing around the betting industry (yes as you can tell, it’s certainly something that captivated my interest as I haven’t stopped going on about it since).

If you think about it, Vegas has been doing loyalty points since time began. Sit for long enough at the tables and you’ll get comped a free meal, show tickets or even free nights in the hotel. It’s nothing new. I mean you only have to sit down at all to get yourself free drinks if the waitress is nearby.

What Las Vegas doesn’t do enough of, or in most cases doesn’t do at all, is loss leading promotions – something to get you through the door in the first place. They probably figure it’s not necessary as normally their gaming tables and sportsbooks are full without them having to do anything extra. But online, the situation is very different. Online bookies have to work very hard to get new customers and even harder to keep them.

With most online betting companies you get both type of betting promotions particularly on sports. First of all there is always something to get you through the door, either a no deposit bonus, a matched bet or a “place one bet get one bet free” type of offer.

Then when you’ve joined and opened your account, there’s more stuff to keep you engaged. Things like money back offers, insurance on losing bets, free bets in play if you bet before the start of the game. All sorts of stuff I didn’t even get chance to look through it all.

Makes sense really, because there is so much competition. If these bookies didn’t make all that effort to keep you loyal to them, chances are you’d just wander off and try somewhere else. You need to work hard to get customers and you need to work hard to keep them, that’s the way the online betting market works.

So if and when you’re allowed to and choose to try your hand at online betting, those promotions and rewards are coming your way. Just something to look forward to and brighten up your day.

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Gaming On Your Mobile

During recent trips abroad, to Europe in particular, I got a bit of a reality check. I saw loads of ads on TV for mobile casinos and bookmakers, and actually saw quite a lot of people using their cells and tablets to bet.

In the US this would not be allowed, but it lead me to think why the hell not? The rest of the world is allowing this and trusts their people to make the right decisions. In the land of the free, we really ought to promote a bit more freedom.

Mobile Casino

If it’s good enough for senator McCain then it’s good enough for me. Yes John, we all saw you having a crafty game of poker in the senate when you thought nobody was watching. So if you’re allowed, why isn’t everyone else?

It’s no secret that I have a bit of an addictive personality shall we say, but that doesn’t mean that it should be against the law to gamble. It’s up to me if I do it or not, and if I really can’t stop myself then I know where to get help. That doesn’t mean that people who know how to gamble responsibly should be prevented from doing it.

Mobile Betting

I also saw a lot of people placing bets on sports using mobile apps which the bookmakers provided and can be downloaded for free. It kinda looked like fun although I don’t know much about soccer, but I can imagine it adding to the enjoyment of the game. Especially for people who actually attend the stadium and want to bet on what’s happening in front of them.

We all know that sports betting goes on whether it’s allowed or not, so it makes sense to legislate for it, then we’d have this whole new mobile betting industry. And look at all the options we’d have, of all the bookies that operate around the rest of the world.

I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be in New Jersey and to be honest I don;t really understand fully how the legislation gets passed but what I will say is that I hope the rest of the country sees sense and follows their lead. Most people will be able to enjoy this responsibly and at the end of the day it’s recreation. You know – fun? And I always thought that was a good thing!

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