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I Want To Play This Game!

Just found this video at random as it was featured on the YouTube homepage when I signed on. Watched it on a whim. Wow – what a great game! I want a copy. Buffalo!!!

Online gaming fans what do you think? We need to bring this back!

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How Do I Make Money Using Bet365 Cash Out?

The Bet365 Cash Out add-on has been available now for a couple of years and is used by hundreds of thousands of punters allow over the world every week.

Whilst Bet365 were not the innovators of the original tool (that was Betfair Sportsbook) they have embraced it due to their extensive in-play markets and heavy marketing and advertising across major sports events.

To describe how Bet365 cash out works in basic terms, it’s a way to allow punters to control their bets, allowing you to stop your bet and take a return before the event has finished. The amount offered will be based on how the bet is going at the time and could be higher or lower than the original stake placed.

There are many theories on how the system can be maximised to ensure that you make as much money as possible from the Bet365 cash out tool.

These are generally based on a number of trading methods that people have been using on the exchange markets for years but now you don’t have to worry about a ‘rival’ punter offering up odds for you to claim as these returns will be offered direct from the bookmaker.

One method is to bet small amounts on events that have very high odds, such as a team at the bottom of a league winning at a team at the top and cash out in the event of the less fancied team taking the lead. This happens a lot more than people think, with the smaller teams playing defensively and hoping to nick a goal from a set-play.

More often than not this then spurs the home team into life to attack more imaginatively and look to win the game. The idea is to remove your winnings as soon as the smaller team has taken the lead, although for some the temptation may be to see if you can hold your nerve for as long as possible to see if the profits go up even further!

Other techniques take a little research, such as looking into low-scoring teams that are playing each other in football and placing bets on draws, no goals being scored or under 2.5 goals in the game and seeing how long you can hold your nerve for before cashing out.

And then of course there is the accumulator Bet365 cash out method, which would seem the only way to put multiple bets on these days. Using the cash out method allows you to be able to remove any winnings before the results come in. Let’s face it, there is normally always one game that lets you down, so if your bets are all winnings and you can’t face that last-minute inevitable equaliser messing up your bet again it might just be time to cash out!

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Everyone Loves Bonuses

Vegas in the desert

Vegas in the desert (Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann)

Guess what? I like to get something for nothing. Show me someone who doesn’t and I’ll show you someone who is either not telling the truth or has too much money for their own good. So yes I pick up buy one get one free deals, collect coupons, get money off at the gas station – all the normal stuff. If there’s a promotion available on something I want, then I will use it.

On my European trip I noticed the same thing around the betting industry (yes as you can tell, it’s certainly something that captivated my interest as I haven’t stopped going on about it since).

If you think about it, Vegas has been doing loyalty points since time began. Sit for long enough at the tables and you’ll get comped a free meal, show tickets or even free nights in the hotel. It’s nothing new. I mean you only have to sit down at all to get yourself free drinks if the waitress is nearby.

What Las Vegas doesn’t do enough of, or in most cases doesn’t do at all, is loss leading promotions – something to get you through the door in the first place. They probably figure it’s not necessary as normally their gaming tables and sportsbooks are full without them having to do anything extra. But online, the situation is very different. Online bookies have to work very hard to get new customers and even harder to keep them.

With most online betting companies you get both type of betting promotions particularly on sports. First of all there is always something to get you through the door, either a no deposit bonus, a matched bet or a “place one bet get one bet free” type of offer.

Then when you’ve joined and opened your account, there’s more stuff to keep you engaged. Things like money back offers, insurance on losing bets, free bets in play if you bet before the start of the game. All sorts of stuff I didn’t even get chance to look through it all.

Makes sense really, because there is so much competition. If these bookies didn’t make all that effort to keep you loyal to them, chances are you’d just wander off and try somewhere else. You need to work hard to get customers and you need to work hard to keep them, that’s the way the online betting market works.

So if and when you’re allowed to and choose to try your hand at online betting, those promotions and rewards are coming your way. Just something to look forward to and brighten up your day.

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Gaming On Your Mobile

During recent trips abroad, to Europe in particular, I got a bit of a reality check. I saw loads of ads on TV for mobile casinos and bookmakers, and actually saw quite a lot of people using their cells and tablets to bet.

In the US this would not be allowed, but it lead me to think why the hell not? The rest of the world is allowing this and trusts their people to make the right decisions. In the land of the free, we really ought to promote a bit more freedom.

Mobile Casino

If it’s good enough for senator McCain then it’s good enough for me. Yes John, we all saw you having a crafty game of poker in the senate when you thought nobody was watching. So if you’re allowed, why isn’t everyone else?

It’s no secret that I have a bit of an addictive personality shall we say, but that doesn’t mean that it should be against the law to gamble. It’s up to me if I do it or not, and if I really can’t stop myself then I know where to get help. That doesn’t mean that people who know how to gamble responsibly should be prevented from doing it.

Mobile Betting

I also saw a lot of people placing bets on sports using mobile apps which the bookmakers provided and can be downloaded for free. It kinda looked like fun although I don’t know much about soccer, but I can imagine it adding to the enjoyment of the game. Especially for people who actually attend the stadium and want to bet on what’s happening in front of them.

We all know that sports betting goes on whether it’s allowed or not, so it makes sense to legislate for it, then we’d have this whole new mobile betting industry. And look at all the options we’d have, of all the bookies that operate around the rest of the world.

I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be in New Jersey and to be honest I don;t really understand fully how the legislation gets passed but what I will say is that I hope the rest of the country sees sense and follows their lead. Most people will be able to enjoy this responsibly and at the end of the day it’s recreation. You know – fun? And I always thought that was a good thing!

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Classic Games Countdown

I liked this PC game countdown from WackyModder84 on YouTube. The guy has attitude which I respect. I haven;t heard of all the games but still enjoyed listening to the commentary on these, and there were a few I have played before.

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Side Effects of Sports Gambling

Sports betting, MGM Grand

Sports betting, MGM Grand (Photo credit: runneralan2004)

Gambling on a whole can present many negative effects and “sports betting” has the ability to cause much more harm than other forms of gambling. The major concern with sports betting is that it questions the integrity of the game being played. Around the globe, countries, leagues and governing bodies are struggling to cope with the takeover of the sport by persons who tempt players to fix matches so as to favor the outcome of bets made on that matchup.

Is It Fixed?

There is no doubt that match fixing occurs in just about every sport but on what degree and how far mainstream is decided based on the sport or country. In football for example, La Liga and especially the Italian League, Serie A has been bombarded with the negative spinoffs that come with sports betting and the persons who are greedy enough to destroy the various sports for money.

“Sports betting” has reached a level that it has the ability to cause serious problems for a college student athlete. These athletes are heavily approached by bookies in attempt to have them alter games and affect points spread.

The ramifications are grave and a player can be publicly humiliated and expelled from college just because he was wowed by the cash being offered. Not to mention if the athlete had the opportunity of going pro, those chances would be no longer. The truth of the matter is, it is happening as you read this article and one may question are we naive to think we can exist in a sports betting industry that does it by the books.

Start ‘Em Young

It is believed that “sports betting” is having a huge impact on the youth population, specifically teenagers who are 18 and under. This demography can quickly relate to sports and as a result will be even quickly drawn to wagering on sports. There is no doubt that wagering on sports or gambling at a young age has detrimental effects.

I can attest to starting sports betting as a teen and that is probably why I have the knowledge I have today but there were instances as a teen that I had lost all my money and had no idea what to do. It took a toll on me and began to have an impact on my grades.


It wasn’t that I wasn’t good at sports betting but I was too young to understand at that time how important money management is to long term success where as I was more focused on short term success at the time. Sports betting companies love that they can attract such demography and it ensures they will stay in business for a very long time. There was a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics that hinted that over a million teenagers were said to be addicted to gambling in the United States.

It must be noted that addiction to sports gambling can lead to other addictions as well. There is a very thin line and if you know you are showing signs of addictive behavior please try and get help. Sports betting can earn you money but only if done right and only if done along with money management skills.

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Where I’ve Been…

Today I am at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and it’s a race night. I was planning to take some video of this myself as I am assured by the locals here that it’s an absolutely insane experience. But as my phone is on the blink, I dug out this video instead to give you a taste of what happens here.

As the video description says, Hong Kong is a city that goes completely crazy for gambling and betting. And yes, I should know. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, are the big horse racing days here.

In Hong Kong, the Jockey club has the only betting shops that are legal and as such they are teeming with life and punters on race days. Most people say they have a hot tip that can’t lose. Now of course I love hot tips, but maybe not the sort they have in mind.

So I will keep my money in my pocket and I will not be betting on the horse racing today, but instead will sit back and soak up the atmosphere. Should be fun.

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You Bet Your Whole Life?

And they call me crazy, what about this guy. He bet his entire life savings, literally his whole life, on one spin of the roulette wheel.

Anyone care to guess what happened? No? Better watch the video then…

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Here We Are Going To Be Talking About Different Games For Memory Enhancing

There’s a lot of individuals out there today who have a bad memory but a thing that they never give much thought too is the fact that they can improve their memory by playing games. A number of you may be excited at the thought of playing your gaming console 24 hours each day as a way of improving your memory, but you need to realize we’re speaking about different kinds of games. In this post we are going to be talking about a few of the different games you can wind up playing which will help your memory, and also where you can find these games online.

Pattern II is the first thing we want to speak about as a way for you to start enhancing your memory. For those of you who remember Tic-Tac-Toe, you are going to find that this game will begin using the same type of board but they end up placing colored blocks in the squares, which generate a pattern in the board. They’re only going to show you the actual pattern for about one second, at which point they clear the board and you need to recreate the pattern using the colored blocks. When you first are playing this game you may find that it is not that challenging, but you ought to be aware that this gets incredibly difficult as you progress, mainly because they add more blocks and more colors as you go along.

Path Memory is another game which can end up having many beneficial effects for your memory. The basics of this game is that you are going to have to recreate a path that they generate which lead from one house on the screen to another house, and it just starts with three houses. When you first get started with this game you are going to believe that it is incredibly simple, but the first two levels will just have three and then four houses in them. Something I should point out about this game is that each level that’s cleared will lead to another house to be added to the path, which causes this game to get tough very fast.

Another game that is like the old Simon game that you may possibly have played is known as Five UFOs. This game offers you five UFOs on your screen that are of different colors, these UFOs will illuminate in a pattern and you simply need to recreate the pattern. A lot of you almost certainly understand that Simon would simply add one new color whenever a level was completed, but you ought to realize that this game offers an entirely new pattern at the end of each level. This is something that actually makes this game much more difficult than the previous two that we have talked about above.

These games can be extremely effective at helping men and women that are older maintain a sharp memory, however they can also be advantageous for younger people who need to develop their memory. For those of you wondering where you are able to actually play these gains you are going to see that they are available for free at I should also point out they have a large variety of memory games available, and you may find that a number of the other games maybe more exciting for you than the ones we discussed in this article.

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In This Article We Are Going To Be Checking Out The SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System

If you are like most people, growing up you almost certainly had a Nintendo or or quite possibly one of the Super Nintendo is that came out later, and many people still have these game systems. Something you should remember is that many of the family’s ended up having the two of these gaining systems, and even if the gaming systems do not work anymore you most likely still have the games. Even if your gaming console broke you should understand that you could still end up playing these games if you still have the cartridges, as there’s an option available for this. In this post we’re going to be taking a look at the SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System, that will allow you to play Super Nintendo or Nintendo games.

As we already mentioned, this device will have the ability to permit you to play game cartridges that you might have for the Nintendo or the Super Nintendo System. Just like anything else in life the older units didn’t have a permanent shelf life that could make them last forever, which is just one of the reasons this device was developed to begin with. The controllers that come with this item are not like the original controllers that you had, although they do work you’re going to find that they end up feeling very light in your hands. If you don’t like the new controllers which come with this device you are going to see that you can still make use of the old controls which you have, or you can probably find some on Ebay.

You’re going to discover that the only games you’ll have the ability to play on this product will be games which have been licensed by Nintendo, so games like Gauntlet won’t be able to be played. Of course you ought to remember that this will not be a concern for the majority of individuals as almost all of the game’s individuals have are the original games made for the Nintendo Systems. One other thing I want to mention concerning this product when compared to the original consoles, is that if you pause the game for too long, over 5 minutes, the game may wind up freezing up on you causing you to need to start again.

Most of the reviews you’re going to find relating to this product really are good, obviously you will also find a few negative reviews relating to this as well. When you look into the overall review of this product you’re going to find that nearly all the 162 reviews have given this a four or five star rating out of a total five stars.

Many of you are most likely wondering what this device is selling for currently, and you could be happy to understand that it is only $42.00 if you opt to order this from Amazon. Another thing worth mentioning relating to this product is that Amazon will even end up shipping this to your home without charging you any additional shipping fees. For any person who would like to start playing their old Nintendo games again, this might be the best choice.

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